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OpenFunction is a cloud-native open-source FaaS (Function as a Service) platform aiming to let you focus on your business logic without having to maintain the underlying runtime environment and infrastructure. You can concentrate on developing business-related source code in the form of functions.

OpenFunction Architecture

OpenFunction Features

  • Cloud agnostic and decoupled with cloud providers’ BaaS

  • Pluggable architecture that allows multiple function runtimes

  • Support both sync and async functions

  • Unique async functions support that can consume events directly from event sources

  • Support generating OCI-Compliant container images directly from function source code.

  • Flexible autoscaling between 0 and N

  • Advanced async function autoscaling based on event sources’ specific metrics

  • Simplified BaaS integration for both sync and async functions by introducing Dapr

  • Advanced function ingress & traffic management powered by K8s Gateway API

  • Flexible and easy-to-use events management framework

New contributors are always welcome!

Find us on GitHub and create a pull request.